Hey there, thanks for stopping by, hope you're enjoying the view!

I'm a graphic designer based in New York City and a hardcore typography junkie. I fell in love with design at an early age, from the days of crtitizizing Dr. Zizmor's subway ads to taking leisure trips to Whole Foods just to admire the wide array of gorgeous packaging. I am constantly being inspired, all my ny natives, you get it! There's nothing quite like design in the city, it mixes and mingles with all the circles.

I'm currently a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, loving and hating every moment of it!
          Pros: great program and amazing professors (honestly)
          Cons: lack of sleep and the assumption that you major in fashion design

Anyways, I'll let you get back to it. Hope to hear from you whether you're a passerby or a potential client!

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